Peggy’s Ride Safety Reminders

I just wanted to take a few minutes to drop some reminders for all of you, since the amount of rides and riders is picking up.  We’re all excited to get out there and enjoy riding our bikes, but we also have to be aware, courteous and safe.
First and foremost is safety.  We all know that, when riding in a group, it’s easy to become a lemming and just follow the person in front of us.  However, remember that you are an individual and responsible for yourself.  You need to make your own safety decisions.  

Things to think about:
Calling out “Clear” at an intersection is not a wise choice.  Your idea of clear might not be clear enough for the person behind you.  Let the people behind you decide if it’s clear for their liking.  (I bring this up from my own experiences, having almost been smucked because someone in front of me didn’t see a car and called “clear”.)  Calling out “Car Left” or “Car Right” is always a good idea.

We can ride side by side ONLY if we are not blocking traffic.  If we are on a busy road, that doesn’t have multiple lanes, we must be single file.  Let’s save conversation for the less busy roads.

When meeting for a ride, please be aware of where you are and what’s going on around you.  We do not own the parking lots.  Stay out of the traffic ways and keep the trails clear.  Move off into a grassy area or some other place where we won’t be in the way of others while we wait for a ride to start.  This also holds true when we stop to regroup on a ride.  Move off to the side of the road or into a driveway or parking lot.  There should be no reason for us to hold up traffic while we take a break.

If there’s a car behind you, yell “Car Back.”  If you hear someone yelling “Car Back”, move over and ride single file.  (No explanation needed on this one!)

If there are 4 vehicles backed up behind you, you are obligated to move off the roadway as soon as you safely can to let them pass.  This is a law!  It’s all part of sharing the road.

Remember to call out obstacles in the roadways.  Nice smooth blacktop is a cyclist’s dream, but most roads aren’t like that!  Part of riding with a group is looking out for those behind you.  Do your part.

When we’re on a CBC ride, we represent our club.  We all have a duty to be on our best behavior.  (I know…that can be hard sometimes, but try your best.)  Not everyone likes cyclists out there (crazy, eh?), so we all have to be ambassadors for the sport.  We need to give no reason for them to dislike us.  A friendly wave and smile never hurt.

Lastly, remember to have fun!  That’s what it’s really about.  Following the rules of the road and riding safely helps to ensure an enjoyable ride for everyone!

See you on the road!
CBC Ride Coordinator