About Membership in the CBC

browridingThe CBC was established in 1967 to encourage and promote bicycle riding and safety and to foster a good relationship between cyclists and motorists by demonstrating courtesy and respect for the law. The Chattanooga Bike Club is for people interested in bicycle riding (both road and mountain), trail construction and maintenance, and creating new friendships. Some of the club’s activities and benefits to members include:

  • Recreational rides: Each year the CBC organizes over 400 road and mountain bike rides. The club’s website includes a Ride Calendar listing all upcoming rides.
  • Social Events: As a member you will be able to attend numerous member only events such as the July 4th BANG ride, party and BBQ, Annual Party and the Silver Comet Trail Weekend.
  • Newsletter: The Tail Wind is a weekly email. It contains stories and pictures of current events, updates on cycling issues and more. All members are encouraged to contribute pictures and stories to the Tailwind editor, Daisy Blanton
  • Discounts (on non-sale items) at most local bike shops simply by asking
  • Last but not least, CBC provides and opportunity to meet other cyclists and be an active member of the Chattanooga cycling community.