Loss of a Legend

Daisy Blanton
Daisy Blanton 1943-2023

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023 we lost Daisy Blanton, beloved CBC member and Chattanooga ambassador for recreational cycling. Daisy’s decades of tireless service to the CBC, love of adventure, grit and determination, unfailing spirit, enthusiasm for cycling, and passion for sharing all of this with others earned her the love and respect of cyclists throughout the Chattanooga area. 

A CBC member since 1992, a consummate volunteer, ride leader, and cycling mentor, Daisy was to many of you the face of the Chattanooga Bicycle Club. In honor of her many contributions to cycling, she was among the first inductees into the Chattanooga Cycling Hall of Fame. (Click here to see and hear Daisy talk about some of her cycling exploits.)

Daisy’s contributions to the cycling community, her infectious enthusiasm, and her dedication to cycling will live on in the hearts and minds of the countless cyclists who knew and loved her.  She will be sorely missed. As appropriate and when available we’ll update you via e-mail with additional information, e.g., memorial services for Daisy. 

Ride on, Daisy!