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Help Please! Bakers and Rest Stop Workers for Honeybee Bicycle Ride

The Chattanooga Bicycle Club will again be supporting the annual Honeybee Bicycle Ride which is hosted by the City of Lafayette, Georgia.

This is a worthy cause which benefits the local community and gives our club an opportunity to give back. ALL proceeds from the ride go towards reducing registration fees for youth sports, scholarships and recreational programs. Our club will be supplying and manning the rest stop located at the Helicopter Park in Chickamauga, Georgia as well as providing volunteers to help man two additional rest stops.

 A choice of shifts is available. Choose a time and task that fits your schedule.

In addition to rest stop workers, we are in need of volunteers to provide homemade baked goods – cookies, bars, brownies, breads, etc.

Sign up here!

AddressMultiple Locations – See Signup
StartsSat Jun 4 2022, 07:30am EDT
EndsSat Jun 4 2022, 04:00pm EDT

About: Insurance for CBC Rides and Events

The Chattanooga Bicycle Club purchases both General Liability and Participant Accident Coverage on an annual basis each year.

Volunteers and club members are covered when participating in club activities.

Non-members are covered during their FIRST club activity only.

Class 2 E-Bikes – those which can be throttle-controlled and do not require the operator to pedal – are excluded from coverage by our insurer, and thus are not permitted to be ridden on club rides. (Note that the presence of a Class 2 E-Bike invalidates our insurance for the entire activity, not just for that participant.)

Mountain bike rides are covered, provided that all participants wear helmets and sign a waiver, and the event includes no tricks or timing.

Racing events are NOT covered.

Participant Accident Coverage can help pay for medical expenses incurred due to injury sustained during a club organized and supervised event.

Should an incident occur while you are involved in a club activity, please contact a club officer. Be prepared to provide as much information as possible including names of participants involved, date/time, location, injuries, property damage, etc.