E-Bike Policy & Ride Guidelines

As approved 17 April 2023

There are three classes of e-bikes. Classes 1 and 3 are pedal assist with a maximum assisted speed of 20 and 28 miles per hour, respectively. Class 2 e-bikes have throttles and pedaling is optional.  

The Chattanooga Bicycle Club (CBC) recognizes the increasing popularity of e-bikes and their role in bringing more people into cycling.  The CBC welcomes e-bikes on its club rides subject to the policy and guidelines below.1


  • Class 1 and Class 3 (pedal-assist) e-bikes:  The CBC permits pedal-assist e-bikes on all rides subject to the ride protocols below. 
  • Class 2 (throttle) e-bikes: The CBC permits Class 2 e-bikes only on club rides that expressly permit them, subject to the ride protocols below.  If the ride does not expressly include Class 2 e-bikes, then they are not permitted on that ride. 


  • Prior to the ride, e-bike riders must identify themselves to the Ride Leader. Class 2 (throttle) e-bike riders may only participate in club rides that expressly allow Class 2 e-bikes.  The ride posting on the CBC calendar will expressly state if Class 2 e-bikes are permitted. When a ride post does not state that Class 2 e-bikes are allowed, expressly excludes them, or does not mention Class 2 e-bikes at all, then Class 2 e-bikes are not permitted that ride.  

  • E-bike riders are responsible for having sufficient battery charge for the ride in which they are participating. Ride Leaders have no responsibility to ensure that an e-bike rider can safely return to the ride starting point if they run out of battery power.
  • E-bike riders should ride at a pace consistent with that of other riders of the group and the rider’s position in the group.
  • Class 1 and Class 3 e-bike riders should refrain from riding in a paceline until they have attained sufficient experience to mimic how they would ride the paceline on a regular road bike. However, ride leaders may use their discretion in determining whether riders or a rider may participate in a paceline.  
  • On club rides that permit Class 2 e-bikes, Class 2 e-bike riders may not participate in paceline riding. 
  • In addition to the above guidelines, e-bike riders must observe the CBC ride/safety guidelines applicable to all riders on club rides.


  • If Class 2 e-bikes are permitted, insert the following or similar on the ride post:  “Throttle (Class 2) and pedal-assist e-bikes are welcome on this ride subject to the CBC’s ride and safety guidelines.”
  • If not permitted, insert the following or similar: “Throttle (Class 2) e-bikes are not permitted on this ride, although pedal-assist (Class 1 and Class 3) e-bikes are welcome subject to the CBC’s ride and safety guidelines.”


1Club policies and protocols pertaining to E-bikes are subject to change as E-bike technology and bicycle types evolve.