Chattanooga Bicycle Club

COVID-19 Group Ride Guidelines

Sep 21, 2020

Group Size

The club shall not limit group size, except as may be required to comply with the mandates of governing authorities.  Ride leaders have the discretion to determine the number of participants for rides they organize and lead, and are requested to state this limit (or lack thereof) in their calendar postings so that members can best determine their own comfort level for participation in each ride.


  • Riders must continue to RSVP in order to participate in a CBC ride. Ride leader will state preferred RSVP method in the calendar posting, and will provide email & cell phone contact information.
  • By RSVP’ing each rider agrees to follow the ride guidelines as posted on the CBC website.
  • If a rider who has not RSVP’d shows up at a ride and there is “room” he/she will be able to ride. If the ride already has the maximum allowed number of riders, the rider who has not RSVP’d will not be allowed to join the ride. Failure to RSVP does not exempt rider from adherence to ride guidelines.
  • In order to minimize close contact at ride sign-in, the ride leader should pre-populate the sign-in sheet with each cyclist’s name, phone number, and emergency contact information and each rider will initial their information prior to riding. (This information should be submitted by riders as part of the RSVP process.)


Riders should keep 3-4 bike lengths spacing from the rider in front. When stopped, if you are beside another bike there should be 6’ between, and the same holds true if you are behind another rider.


Riders are encouraged to wear masks in areas of close contact, and are required to wear them when entering buildings such as restaurants/stores and as otherwise mandated by governing authorities.

General Health Considerations

Riders should follow all public guidelines in terms of washing hands, touching exposed surfaces, and should not attend a group ride if experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

  • If you need to expectorate, please go to the end of the line to do so. Do not spit or blow your nose when others are behind you.
  • If a store stop is necessary for longer rides, you should wear a mask into the store, remove gloves and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching store items, and before rejoining the ride group.
  • Anyone with a temperature greater than 99 degrees or symptoms of illness, will not be permitted to ride.